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Made In EDC by Paul FREGE (EDC 2018) !

01 March 2023 Made in EDC
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Who we are

Trajectoire RH, Training & Consulting company for over 20 years.

Representative in France and Europe of the BeHave Compass personality test for our customers' Recruitment, GPEC, Sales, Team Building and Management needs.


What's at stake?

To remain competitive in a constantly changing environment, your company needs to surround itself with the best talent to support your strategy.

Our answer?

Reveal your employees' talents to express their strengths and gain in efficiency with BeHave Compass, the most comprehensive, simple and accurate personality test.

Our ambitions :


Accompany you in getting to know yourself and discovering your Talents to express your full potential.

Impact communication :

Enable you to identify your interlocutor's behavioral profile and psychological needs, for greater impact in your communication.


Areas of application :

1) Recruitment & Internal mobility

Identify each person's talents and potential, so that everyone performs and is motivated in the right place.

2) Team Building

Enable your teams to benefit from the talents of each and every one of them in the service of a shared objective.

3) Management

A tool to enhance talent and motivation.


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Directly by mail:

Directly by phone :

07 66 64 37 84

(Paul FREGE)

Our offices :

9, avenue Carnot - 75017 Paris

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