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    1. Tuesday 5th December at 08:00 PM
      EDC un jour EDC toujours : Diner Inter-promo

      L'association Force EDC Alumni est heureuse de vous convier à la 2ème édition du diner inter-promo le   MARDI 05 DÉCEMBRE à 20h au Sully 6 Boulevard Henri IV - 75004 Paris...

    2. Wednesday 6th December at 07:30 PM to Thursday 7th December
      SLD x FEDC Christmas Party

      This is a new Text block. Change the text. The Alumni SDL Christmas Party is now open for registration, and Club Luxe EDC alumni are invited! Christmas is the season of sharing...

    3. Wednesday 6th December at 08:00 PM
      Class reunion 1978,1979,1980 & 1981

      The day you graduated from EDC Paris Business School was a special day. With your diploma in your pocket, you took the first step on the unique journey that is your life. Since...

    4. Wednesday 13th December at 06:30 PM
      Conferences on financial and strategic trends

      Join us for a fascinating conference on the world of finance, hosted by Pascal GUEROUT (EDC 1982)! This captivating conference will cover Interest rates 📈 Financing 💰 Business...

    5. Thursday 29th February 2024 at 09:00 AM to Friday 1st March 2024 at 09:00 AM
      City tour: urban renewal program

      The EDC immo club, an active member of the club des clubs immobiliers, invites you to take part in the visit and lunch debate organized by the ICH club in Sarcelles. Because it's...