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Made In EDC by Nathalie GILGER (EDC 2002) !

05 April 2023 Made in EDC
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After graduating in 2002, I quickly embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship in 2004 by creating my own training organization after a few exciting years as Sales Manager for Germany in the luxury hotel industry in Paris.


Today, this company has relocated to the East of France and to Germany near the European capital under the name SYNERGY PREM1UM BUSINESS SAS which offers a global support service to small and medium-sized companies including several activities:

+ 1 consulting company specialized in the fields of business development/marketing, strategy, management, financial management ...

+ 1 international training organization certified Qualiopi since 2020 for foreign languages, management, sales techniques, business creation and personal development. All our training courses are eligible for financing (OPCO, CPF)

+ As part of the diversification of our activity and the development of our offer, we have created a Web platform on the principle of an "outsourced CSE" intended for the self-employed, the personnel of the VSEs and SMEs of France and Germany, successively proposing :

  • Discounts from 5 to 70% on travel, tickets, goods and services necessary for your daily life, both private and professional... 40% discount on cinema tickets, 25% on travel or 25% on building supplies
  • Legal, accounting and commercial assistance at the best financial conditions, thanks to qualified experts and trainers that we recommend after analysis of their services


+ 1 company = 1 total workforce = 1 global annual subscription 100% tax deductible

+ 1 personal online access

+ 1 member card for each employee

+ 1 mobile application

+ More than 1500 partners and thousands of offers

+ Demanding partnerships in quality and price

+ An evolving website that listens to you


The main objective of SYNERGY PREM1UM BUSINESS SAS is to advise and assist VSEs and SMEs in the following areas

+ strategic management to transition management

+ development management as well as crisis management

+ training (approved Institute) and e-learning


The complementary objective is to develop in a concrete and innovative way concrete projects conceived in close collaboration with the client companies, or even to conceive at our initiative projects which anticipate an important need and/or a strong expectation of its existing or potential customers. The systematic use of the most innovative techniques of information and communication in the optimization of the initiated projects is obvious.

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For more information, please contact directly Nathalie GILGER (EDC 2002), General Manager - Founder


12, Route de Grendelbruch - 67530 KLINGENTHAL

Tel : 09 67 46 97 83

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