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Made in EDC by Philippe Brossier (EDC 1980) & Pierre Lacagne (1982)!

06 March 2024 Made in EDC
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Philippe Brossier (EDC 1980) and Pierre Lacagne (EDC 1982) after a rich corporate career decided to found VD Médiation in 2016 to provide all solutions related to conflict management.

They were trained for this at Science PO Aix. In addition, Pierre attended Professor Hoffman's Harvard lectures on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

VD Médiation is registered with the Paris, Lyon and Versailles Courts of Appeal.

We intervene on an inter- and intra-company basis, particularly in the context of conflicts between associates.

Some good reasons to call on us:

+ Save time and money. Mediation is faster and less costly than legal proceedings, saving valuable resources, minimizing operational disruption and improving the working climate by taking into account everyone's needs and feelings.

+ Preserve professional ties and relationships, unlike disputes resolved by legal means.

+ Resolving conflicts in complete confidentiality is our DNA, and we have been sworn in by the courts of appeal.

+ Enable a personalized approach with tailor-made solutions that would not be possible in a traditional judicial setting.

+ Prevent future conflicts and help prevent the emergence of new ones.

+ Complement and support the company's usual advisors (legal departments, lawyers, etc.).

+ Supporting corporate transformation through project mediation

Involving us is a sound strategy for managing conflicts effectively, while preserving and improving well-being and productivity within the organization.


If you are a business creator or entrepreneur and would like to promote your services or products to graduates, please contact - to be included in the next "Made in EDC".

See you soon for another Made In EDC!

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