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Made in EDC by Ariel Stéphane MBATEU (EDC 2019)!

03 April 2024 Made in EDC
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Ariel Stéphane MBATEU (EDC 2019), gained early experience selling agricultural products in France and textiles and leather goods in Cameroon. His interest in political economy led him to apply management principles to the struggling family business. He subsequently enriched his knowledge through various academic and professional activities, obtaining Masters degrees in Economics and an MBA in Corporate Finance.

In 2022, he founded Stephane MBATEU Office, a consulting firm specializing in finance, international mobility and trade.

Our vision

We aspire to become a global reference in the mobilization of technical and financial support in Africa, thus contributing to harmonious economic and social development and the well-being of populations by 2026.

Our goals

+ Encourage economic growth by drawing up project documents, seeking financing and ensuring monitoring and evaluation;

+ Be actively involved in ensuring the success of corporate and/or social programs and projects, as well as vocational training;

+ Contribute to improving the business climate and well-being by carrying out socio-economic analyses and proposing solutions.

Our positioning

We are primarily a consulting firm, specializing in project management assistance, investment funds and economic forecasting.

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