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Made In EDC by Giovanni Kazandjian & Alan Le Gall (EDC 2020)!

05 September 2023 Made in EDC
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The MOA: Simplify, optimize and centralize the management of your digital projects!

MyOpenAgency is a human adventure, built through the brotherly relationship of its two founders Alan and Giovanni (EDC 2020), friends for over 20 years.

Like Rome, MOA wasn't built in 1 day.

MOA is a sumptuous blend of friendship, resilience, expertise and knowledge with the common goal of : "Shaking up the digital world." 🌍💻

Graduates of one of the top 5 English universities and with an MBA in project management from EDC (2020), Alan and Giovanni very quickly encountered problems linked to the digital market in the various companies they worked for:

Did you know that there are over 45,000 agencies and more than 300,000 freelancers in the digital marketing sector in France?

Under these conditions, the search for the ideal freelancer or agency can quickly turn into a never-ending treasure hunt...

Rest assured, the MOA team will take care of it for you!

Simply put, MOA is the solution that lets you centralize your service providers, simplify project management and coordinate the various players involved, while optimizing the results of your actions. Say goodbye to word-of-mouth and dubious algorithms, and make way for expertise.

At MOA, we select, recruit and evaluate the best players on the market according to 5 quality criteria in order to "bring you peace of mind":

In concrete terms,

  1. An expert will brief your project and help you develop a strategy based on targeted actions.

  2. It then selects the 2 most competent certified service providers free of charge and puts you in direct contact with them.

  3. And if you don't have the time to manage all this in-house, the expert can also become your project's conductor. In this case, he'll take care of scoping, progress monitoring, reporting and final quality control, while giving you a clear view of the project's progress!

Much more than a partner, MOA aims to become an extension of your marketing and digital communications teams, providing you with dedicated project managers.

Don't hesitate to spread the word about this great project!

So what are you waiting for to contact MOA?

They put their trust in us:

DOLCE CASA - Interview (short version)

NB Mandataire - Interview (short video)

ESET Interview (short version)

GORILLE - Interview (short version)

We look forward to working with you:


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