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Why become a lifelong member?

01 February 2022 Force EDC Alumni
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With the lifetime membership, everyone wins!


Take full advantage and FOR LIFE of all the advantages offered by the association:

+ Free access to the online directory
+ Access to events at preferential rates
+ Access to career coaching
+ Access to "good deals" (special EDC discount) offered by alumni


Price: 300€
With the possibility of spreading your payment in several installments free of charge

You also benefit a decreasing rate depending on the number of times you have contributed to Force EDC Alumni, but also the possibility of paying your contribution at the initial rate.
Example: if you have contributed at least 15 times, you get a 50% discount.


The more loyal you are, the less you pay!

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Florence REGNARD (GE, 1969)
2 years ago
Adhérer à vie à l'âge de 76 ans !
Pierre MOURIES (MKG, 1964)
2 years ago
Bonne remarque de Florence. L'EDC fête ses 70 ans, ce qui signifie que les premiers diplômés encore vivants ont... je vous laisse calculer ! Quant aux jeunes diplômés qui commencent dans la vie professionnelle, mettront-ils en priorité de leurs dépenses la cotisation EDC à 300 ? ?

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