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Retour en images du XXIXème voyage d'étude du club des clubs immobiliers

08 June 2023 EDC Immo Club
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On Thursday June 1, the EDC IMMO Club took part in the 29th CDCI trip in the company of alumni from the 26 real estate clubs that are members of the CDCI.

It was an incredible day, with a visit to the future Olympic sites, the most emblematic of which are the Aquatic Centre, the Adidas Arena and the Athletes' Village.

All the major builders are present to complete this Pharaonic project managed by Solidéo, which coordinates 29 public and private contractors in charge of the 58 Olympic and Paralympic structures.

The river eco-district on the Saint-Denis island is being developed by Plaine Commune Développement.

Total budget: 4.5 billion euros - a record in the history of the Olympic Games, with previous projects costing at least twice as much!

The entire project is designed to be totally reconvertible after the Games into family and student housing, offices, shops and public facilities, with 7 hectares of planted public spaces, the construction of an anti-noise wall and the burial of high-voltage lines....bref a district where life will be good.

Athletes' Village :

Hall cité du cinéma :

Hall Maxwell:


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