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Made In EDC by Dominique RUDLER (EDC 1989)!

01 November 2023 Made in EDC
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The energy transition and the reduction of CO² emissions are major challenges. In France, the building sector alone accounts for 44% of energy consumption and 23% of CO2 emissions, without even taking into account the impact of transport linked to the act of building. Faced with this reality, companies committed to sustainable development have emerged to support homeowners in their energy renovations. Among them, Air Énergie Développement is a militant player in this field, with a proven track record.

Founded by Dominique Rudler, former EDC 1989, Air Énergie Développement is a design office specializing in comprehensive energy renovation of single-family homes. Aware of the ecological stakes, our vocation is to design and implement Class A energy renovations, well above current or future regulatory minimums. These include the European Economic Community's first Minergie-P renovation of a single-family home, and Alsace's first Doremi global energy renovation. These achievements make us a recognized expert at regional level, as does our remarkable track record of reducing the energy requirements of homes by a factor of 10, and their carbon footprint by a factor of 40.

Air Énergie Développement's approach is holistic, taking into account numerous criteria to achieve ultimate, sustainable performance. These criteria include :

+ Controlled, long-lasting performance that's not subject to obsolescence

+ An average payback period of less than 18 years, excluding subsidies

+ Energy independence for heating and cooling

+ Building durability

+ The carbon and energy footprint of the products and techniques used

+ Indoor air quality

+ Preserving architectural heritage

We note that this approach is favored by a majority of homeowners in France, but also in neighboring Switzerland and Germany. The lack of appropriate contacts leads them to resort to traditional techniques and methods, which prove to be disappointing or even unsuitable.

To meet growing demand from other regions where there is no design office, Air Énergie Développement has developed a franchise as an "Assistant à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage" in class A biosourced energy renovation.

This pioneering approach is designed to provide the answer that many homeowners have been waiting for.

Joining Air Énergie Développement as a franchisee offers a host of essential advantages:

+ know-how transfer based on 15 years of feedback from recognized experts in their field

+ the support of a solution-providing network, active in the field and in phase with other organizations

+ information watch

+ an e-marketing partnership

+ a legal and insurance partnership

+ support throughout your career

Our role is also to raise awareness of what the network can offer homeowners, and to create synergies with other players in the sustainable development field.

A huge latent market awaiting solutions!

Read our latest reports:

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See you soon for another Made In EDC!

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