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Louis-Augustin Calonne (EDC 2014) Founder of Calonne Group

20 May 2024 Interview
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I called the bluff of one of the best poker players in the world!

An EDC did it, why not you!

Louis-Augustin Calonne (EDC 2014) is an expert in non-verbal communication, or synergologue, who deciphers the invisible but revealing gestures we all make.
In addition to being an outstanding observer, he has unmasked poker bluffs and trained in RAID and GIGN techniques to become a formidable negotiator.

So, if you want to learn more about :

➡ Gestures that convey attraction (useful when dating!)
➡ Is not making eye contact a lie?
➡ How to tell if someone is uncomfortable
➡ What is cognitive bias?
➡ Why sociopaths rarely yawn
➡ How a negotiation works
➡ What NLP stands for

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