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Let's inspire the next generation!

19 January 2023 Information
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Do you have a strong desire to help a young person grow and develop?

The EDC Paris Business School and Force EDC Alumni are joining forces for a mentoring project designed to provide students with guidance from 4th year through to graduation, helping them to become aware of their skills, gain self-confidence and become self-reliant... in a few words :


Why become a mentor?

Becoming a mentor means passing on knowledge. You yourself have been in the situation of the student who would have liked to have a role model to lean on and ask all his questions.
Today, you have the opportunity to be that person.

And who knows, maybe your mentee will be your future colleague?

What's the investment?

Mentoring is a voluntary initiative, and should not become a burden for either party. The investment you make depends on your abilities and your desire, of course.
Nevertheless, to ensure effective follow-up, we recommend that you meet at least twice a year.

How does it work?

If you're interested in this initiative, leave us your contact details in the form below.
We'll then send you an e-mail to invite you to an information meeting so that we can better understand your expectations and start the matching process.

Any questions? Write to us at

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